Dance For Health & Wellness Event & Showcase

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Henry County Performance Art Center, 37 Lemon Street, McDonough

Dance For Health & Wellness Event Showcase for Gastroparesis Awareness Month will be focused on health, fitness, dance, and wellness. Our event will be target to help prevent Gastrointestinal Disorders, obesity, any disease and provide an event where’s the community will come and have fun, get educated, experience healthy vendors, get entertain, and more. Individuals will get demonstrations, dance and entertainment performances, lectures, and literatures on how to improve their health and body, improve their fitness and nutrition while reducing their obesity level through dance and fitness education. There will be a professional health provider to assist in diabetes check, blood pressure check, and high cholesterol check.

In addition to our Dance For Health & Wellness Event Showcase , we are achieving the Goals of introducing and engaging the community, and bringing awareness to the benefits of dance by incorporating dance performances from dance studios all over Atlanta Metropolitan areas.

This project is designed to achieve the goals of bringing awareness to the benefits of dance such as strengthening the immune system, encaging the community with attractions that will influence individuals to stay healthy and enjoy life. Vendors, health educators, special quest performers, and others will be available at this event.

Proceeds raised will benefit IFFGD(The International Foundation For Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders) and citizens that is feeling the effects of Gastrointestinal disease results in damage to the stomach- lack of exercise, diabetes, and other deadly unhealthy diseases.

Admission is Free for Seniors, and children ages: 4 and under. Also, admission is $5 for ages: 5 through adults.