Mission Statement/Board members


Stay Fit Through the Arts is a non-profit organization designed to help families, children and individuals develop and sustain a healthy quality of life through proper nutrition, exercise and arts.

The Staff:

  • Brian Jones, Ceo/President.

The Board:

  • Donya Andrews-Little, Treasurer.
  • Megan Brown, Secretary
  • Mary Render, Vice President


Chanel Robinson-Photographer
Nick Stanfield- Videographer

Stay Fit thru The Arts (Profile)


Founded in July of 2014 by professional dancer Brian Jones, Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves the Atlanta Metropolitan community by promoting healthy lifestyle choices for children by blending fitness, education, and arts into a well-rounded experience. The organization addresses concerns regarding the overall well-being of the child, including body, mind, and spirit. The weekly classes that are offered promote physical fitness, while simultaneously improving children’s health, strengthening self esteem, and incorporating artistic expression by developing their dance skills.Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc has services for low income families, children, and the elderly. All services offered are provided at an affordable fee with the low income family in consideration so that children of all socioeconomic backgrounds will be able to participate. 

In order to promote health and fitness, Stay Fit Through The Arts encourages children to participate in exercise through dance. The program encourages children to step away from their smartphones and exercise while keeping children engaged with cool fitness moves in hip hop, jazz, African-dance, tumbling, acting, and many more. 

Nutritional classes, which are specifically designed to encourage children to eat healthier meals, are also incorporated with the dance classes. As Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc educates families through dance and fitness, we also aspire to produce well-equipped families and individuals who are able to develop and maintain healthy habits, thereby reducing illnesses and diseases associated with poor nutrition.Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc gives all educators throughout the Metropolitan Areas the opportunity to speak on better eating habits, dieting, dance, and overall fitness. 

 While encouraging physical fitness is a top priority, Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc’s  aims to also encourage positive growth for the child’s mental well being as well. Classes provide an opportunity for students to have relief of everyday stress, fatigue, and depression. Tutoring services will also be offered in order to promote success in academics and to also encourage literacy. These tutoring services will help improve the graduation rate, which consequently produces a more literate, educated workforce, which coincides with lower poverty rates. 

Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc is an organization designed to address the impact that poor nutrition and little to no exercise has on families, children and individuals within the community. 

Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc’s main focus is to teach participants how to value and care for themselves through healthy habits and to engage in programs as a family and also as a community. The program channels its participants’ energies towards developing skills that will make them healthier, more confident, more competent, and more productive members of society. Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc primarily operates on donations, grants and inkind contributions. Stay Fit Through The Arts, Inc advances nutrition education, training and social welfare by providing activities that include but shall not be limited to direct service support, advocacy, resource development, collaboration, and training that includes but is not limited to nutrition education and exercise through dance classes. 

Our children are our future, and with your help, Stay Fit Through the Arts, Inc. will be able to continue to provide a safe, healthy environment for all children of all backgrounds to grow into more healthy, educated, and confident individuals. 


Brian Jones and BabyFace

Brian Jones and T-Boz/TLC