Mission Statement/Board members


Stay Fit Through the Arts is a non-profit organization designed to help families, children and individuals develop and sustain a healthy quality of life through proper nutrition, exercise and arts.

The Staff:

  • Brian Jones, Ceo/President.

The Board:

  • Donya Andrews-Little, Treasure.
  • Megan Brown, Secretar
  • Mary Render, Vice President

 Chanel Robinson-Photographer
Nick Stanfield- Videographer

Stay Fit thru The Arts (Profile)

Stay FIt Thru The Arts,Inc is a Non-profit organization that is target toward helping children to become educated through positive programs that will help them improve their fitness thru the performing arts and academic education. Adults are welcome. 

This company was organized by Brian Jones and along with his awesome board members. Together this company will impact lives, build dreams, and provide a positive image for our world to love. One of our goals is to change the atmosphere through the performing arts as we build character for the future.

 Stay Fit Thru The Arts, Inc is due to launch in schools, theaters, and locations near you. Please do not hesitate to join them because this experience  will be memories for life. Do not miss it. Just get involved. See You There.... 


Brian Jones and BabyFace

Brian Jones and T-Boz/TLC

Brian Jones, T-Boz, and Jermaine Dupree video shoot