Stay Fit Thru Dance/Culture Experience

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DEKALB SCHOOL OF THE ARTS, 1192 clarendon Ave, Avondale Estates

Event Information

Stay Fit Through Dance/ Health and Wellness event will be focused on health, fitness, dance, and wellness. Our event will be target to help stop diabetes and provide an event where’s the community will come and have fun, play games, take fitness classes, experience healthy vendors, and more. Individuals will get demonstrations, classes, lectures, and literatures on how to improve their health and body, improve their fitness and nutrition while reducing their obesity level through education.

There will be a professional health provider to assist in diabetes check, blood pressure check, and high cholesterol check.

In addition to our Health and Wellness event, we are achieving the goals of introducing and engaging the community, and bringing awareness to the benefits of dance by incorporating “Stay Fit Thru Dance” which we will feature one of the top artist in the world. This artist is known from Guinea, West Africa,” and is considered a musician, dancer, and choreographer. He will be teaching two Guinea, West African Dance Master Classes. We are gladly and appreciative that this Master Artist from Guinea will come and share his energy, excitement, and history of African Dance for our event. Our Featured Artist/Choreographer from Guinea, West Africa is name Youssouf Koumbassa

Cost of The Event: Free Health and Wellness: 1:00pm-3:00pm

Cost: West African Dance Culture Experience: 3:00pm-7:00pm Master Classes: $15 per class and $25 for (2) classes Spectators are allowed to watch as long as they shop with the Vendors

Mission Statement

The event mission is to educate the community through this family fun event as we help prevent obesity, diabetes and other major diseases by providing celebrity chorographers, medical providers, vendors, and other organizations to help us strive to change the atmosphere that will result in building great character and healthy lives in our today society.

For more information and to participate in this event please contact Brian Jones

Thank You Brian Jones 404-668-2217